Hire Terms and Conditions

1. Equipment Hire

Fretsonic reserves the right to hire its equipment to those who it deems suitable.
We require a copy of a credit card and photo ID (either a passport or NZ drivers license) and payment on pickup or in advance.

2. Payment Terms:

Payment must be made within 3 days of the issuance of the invoice. Payment can be made via credit card or NZ bank transfer. Late payments may incur additional charges at the Fretsonic's discretion.

3. Pickup and return days/hours

Monday to Friday: 6pm-10pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday : Closed

Weekend hires must be picked up on Friday and returned on Monday.

4. Use of Equipment:

The Renter shall use the Equipment in a careful and proper manner and shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The Equipment shall not be sublet, loaned, or otherwise disposed of without the Fretsonic's prior written consent.

5. Care and Maintenance:

The Renter shall be responsible for the proper care and maintenance of the Equipment during the rental period. Any damage due to misuse, neglect, or unauthorized modifications shall be the Renter's responsibility and may result in additional charges.

6. Return of Equipment:

The Renter shall return the Equipment to the Owner in the same condition as when rented, ordinary wear and tear excepted, by the end of the rental period. Failure to return the Equipment on time may result in additional rental charges or forfeiture of the security deposit.

7. Theft of Equipment:

In the event of theft or loss of the Equipment during the rental period, the Renter shall immediately notify Fretsonic and provide a detailed written report to the Fretsonic and the appropriate authorities. The Renter shall be responsible for reimbursing Fretsonic for the full replacement value of the stolen or lost Equipment. The security deposit, if any, shall be forfeited and applied towards the replacement cost, with any remaining balance owed by the Renter to Fretsonic. The Renter shall cooperate fully with Fretsonic and any law enforcement agencies in the investigation of the theft or loss.

8. Liability:

Fretsonic shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage caused by the use or operation of the Equipment. The Renter assumes all risks associated with the use of the Equipment and agrees to indemnify and hold Fretsonic harmless from any claims arising out of such use.‚Äč